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Architectural Education
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Low-cost passive strategies for poor houses


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Introduction to space and site: a methodological experience in Sobral - CE.  Nadir Bonaccorso, Clara Bonaccorso

"This article aims to present a teaching experience about the first architectural Project class, corresponding to the second semester of the Architecture and Urbanism course at FAU-INTA University in Sobral. It is a reflection of the skills and role of the teacher from a constructivist and socio-interactionist perspective. The methodology focused on the knowledge acquisition of the notion of space and was applied through three exercises proposed to the students. The design and the representation of space have been developed with analogic tools. The presented results, measured by a qualitative approach, point to rapid development and awareness of space notion. However, the same results indicate the need for greater teacher availability to improve student learning outside school hours." READ THE ARTICLE. (Text in Portuguese).

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Project class results 

Video edited by UNINTA, University in Sobral, Brazil, with the contents and results of the first-semester and second-semester of the project classes. (video 09'27" in Portuguese)


This video contains the first results "in-site" presented for the WHAT DESIGN CAN DO competition, with the project name -PLUG-INfra.
(Video with 03'12", in Portuguese with English subtitles)

others publications

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ReTIBS installation Manual

DIY Manual for building an insulation board with TetraPak package.

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Colpa della pantera?

Text on early Architectural Academic experience and Erasmus Programme. (Italian text).

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Uma flor no deserto

Overview on the city of Fortaleza, Brazil.      (Text in Portuguese) site is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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