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In a building, the product of a cavalier attitude to technical requirements, which was left without an adequate structure and without a properly outlined infra-structural system, the proposal was to redesign the entire functional and spatial system of the building, combining in one same design all the elements that the complex schematics required.
The infra-structures were the engine of this project, and were its major generators allowing for the multi-disciplinary work to become an integrated project.

SOARES HOUSE - Apartment refurbishing. Lisbon 2004.

Re-inhabiting the city today often involves re-designing existing spaces, configured for our traditional needs and lifestyles to new ways of experiencing our own space and of sharing it. A brake to this “morphological mutation” of existing homes, in order to respond to our habits, is often the absence of a massive budget, not always accessible to all who dream. This flat, of about 100 square meters, was acquired with the awareness that work would required, at least, at the level of infrastructure.

COCOON HOUSE - Apartment roof expansion. Lisbon 2000.

The need to add a floor to a building dating from the early twentieth century, whose volume had been previously licensed, launched the challenge of finding a link between a dated living space and a contemporary one. A longitudinal division of space was the first option, allowing for the creation of two areas: one built and one empty. The first, the machine, defined by panels of birch plywood that can closing of according to the functional requirement of the living area, containing a room, the stairwell, a bathroom and the kitchen area…. site is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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