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Research article "Low-cost DIY thermal upgrades for overheating mitigation in slum houses in Latin America & Caribbean"  published on Energy and Buildings Journal.

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Article "Low-cost DIY upgrade strategies for improved comfort in poor Brazilian houses in hot climates: process and final results" published on Book of Proceedings CA2RE / CA2RE+ LJUBLJANA: REFORMULATION.

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Scenography for "Entre o Céu e a Terra" by Mónica Calle, Costa da Caparica. View the Interview below...

September 2021

Bus terminal and support buildings, Setúbal. 

January 2021


"Entre o céu e a Terra". Interview with Mónica Calle.

Mónica Calle, Mónica Garnel and Inês Vaz went on a pilgrimage from the Sé of Lisbon to Santiago de Compostela during 26 days. From this path of Faith, “Entre o Céu e a Terra” was born. It was performed at Costa da Caparica naturist beach, for a maximum of 9 spectators, behind the beach dunes.
(Video with 11'37", in Portuguese with English subtitles)

fuNking life, the book. 1999-2009

"More than a book, this object wants to be a communication platform referring to everything the represents the atelier, including all that this format can not permit containing. With basis on this fact appears the use of QR-code (deciphering code through a software for cell phones the allows the direct access to contents indicated through the internet), allowing the integration of audiovisual contents. "Brewing" this duality is a reproduction in reduced scale, the primordial instrument of our research process. In face of all this "load", apparently random I reveal to you a path, as it is." (From the introduction chapter) site is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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